Our Lessons

Learn to play the guitar with a professional guitar teacher.

I teach both electric and acoustic guitar lessons, to all ages and abilities. This ensures that no matter what your musical passion is I have a course of lessons that will help you learn through the music that you love.

I specialise in rock, pop, blues and jazz - but am also experienced in folk and metal as well. I also have grounded knowledge in music theory, giving me the ability to pass on known to students about "why" music works in a certain way - for example why a band has chosen to use a certain group of chords to generate a particular feeling for the listener.

I have spent that last year studying improvisation techniques, specifically used for soloing. Subsequently, I have begun holding specific classes for more advanced students that tackle this through the area of guitar playing - already we have had some fantastic results with long terms students. For more information about my guitar lessons simply get in touch.

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