Music Shops in Derby

Find the best places in Derby to buy music equipment.

If you are a beginning guitarist there are few things out there more useful than a well-stocked and well-priced music shop.

Even more importantly it is an absolute godsend to have someone who is knowledgeable about guitars, amplifiers (amps), effects pedals, strings, and even music in general; to guide you through a headache that can be finding the perfect instrument.

Well here at Guitar Lessons Derby we have been to the best and we have been to the worst - but we want to save all you budding guitarists from making the same mistakes we did. So, we've compiled a really useful list of the best music and guitar shops in and around Derby, so you at least have somewhere to start.


Guitars4You is run exclusively by experienced guitar-buff Mark Hopkin, whose showroom is located at 14 Compton, Ashbourne, Derbyshire DE6 1DA. Mark ticks all the boxes for a knowledgeable and helpful experience and specialises in vintage and fine guitars. If you are looking for something nice then you really can't go wrong with Guitars4You. Another very useful feature of this store is their extensive mail order catalogue, so if access is difficult for you, you can still make use of this fine institution.

Neville Brothers Music

Neville Brothers Music claims to be 'run by musicians, for musicians' - and we couldn't agree more. As well as stocking guitars and strings, Neville Brothers also have a wide range of brass and woodwind instruments, and even offer a repair service. If you are a multi-instrumentalist this will be your heaven, but even if you are an out-and-out guitarist we would still recommend stopping by at 91 Station Road, Derby DE3 9FP to see if the friendly staff at this shop can help you find what you are looking for.

Rattle & Drum Music

Rattle & Drum Music (not surprisingly) stock a wide range of drums and percussion instruments, but they do also have a huge range of electric and acoustic guitars, basses, amps and PA gear - so do not write them off as a drummer's store. They are proud to be different - as well as striving to provide the best customer experience they can, they also work with local schools and venues to give something back to the community. This really is a store that you can bring your whole band to - and they probably won't want to leave. If that appeals to you, their street address is 77-81 Osmaston Road, Derby DE1 2JH.

Foulds Music

Located at 39-40 Iron Gate, Derby DE1 3GA, Foulds music is a music store in Derby that has been around since 1893 making it one of the oldest in the UK. They cater to everything from guitars and basses to digital pianos so you will definately find something. There are many great reviews online mentioning how great the staff are & that they are always great at helping out beginners. For more information about the stores history and thier current stock, please check out their extensive website.

Hopefully, that is enough to get you started on your way towards finding the perfect guitar/amp/pedals/strings/etc. but don't be afraid to check out any other music and guitar stores you might encounter. - If your experience is good to make sure you let us know so that we can include it here on the Guitar Lessons Derby website. Good luck with your quest young ones, and may the guitar gods always be with you...

...but seriously, if you have any questions just give us a shout using the details above and we will be more than happy to help you.


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