Famous Bands from Derby

Get to know more about successful musicians from Derby.

Here at Guitar Lessons Derby, we feel that it is important to inspire our students with tales of other musicians such as yourselves, who have found success due to their unfailing commitment to their art.

We are lucky in the city of Derby to have fostered a huge array of talent, who have gone from grass-roots local acts to national names. Whilst we can't promise this to everyone, if you put enough time and effort into your guitar practice then you will certainly be maximising your chances. Don't forget though, that music should not be measured in terms of album sales or celebrity. Music is about inspiring and sharing with other people; so whether you are playing to a packed arena or a half-empty pub, if you enjoy what you are doing then it won't matter anyway. Here is a run-down of some of the lucky and talented guitarists, bands and solo acts who have broken through to the wider music scene:

Lightyear found fame under independent label 'Household Name Records' and was active on-and-off between 1997 and 2012. Their ska/punk sound and onstage antics earned them a reputation early on as live performers, and they strongly embraced the rebellious side of the punk ethos. It wasn't always that easy though - vocalist Chas Palmer-Williams vividly recalls their first gig at the Victoria Inn in Derby as "atrocious". After successful appearances at Reading and Leeds festivals in 2003, the band decided to split, citing strained friendships and having hit a 'ceiling' in the independent music world. Despite this, they have made several appearances since.

LostAlone were formed by singer and guitarist Steve Battelle in 2005, after disbanding his previous project 'Intentions of an Asteroid'. Drawing influences from bands as diverse as Queen, Pink Floyd and Iron Maiden, LostAlone's riff-oriented alternative rock sound has gained them a loyal following. With stage moves as varied as press-ups and dishing out biscuits to audience members, this band is one to watch if you get a chance. Since being signed to Sire Records in 2009 the band are cruising on a wave of success - let's hope it continues.

White Town is the recording name of Indian born musician Jyoti Prakash Mishra. After migrating to England with his family aged three, Mishra formed White Town with a handful of other Derby-based musicians in 1989, after finding inspiration at a gig by The Pixies. He is best known for his 1997 hit 'Your Woman' (see below), which reached the top ten in seven countries. White Town remains active, however, with further album releases in 2000, 2006 and 2011.

There are of course many more Derby-based acts who have (or are on their way towards) broken through to become a successful recording and touring musicians. But what about the rest of us? Don't forget, all of these amazing guitarists and bands started just like you or me - by picking up a guitar and sounding absolutely awful. But they didn't let that stop them; they put in the time and effort to cultivate their skills, they played some awful gigs, they were dropped by major record labels... but they persevered, and ultimately their talent and commitment won out. There is nothing to stop you doing the same, and our professional-level guitar lessons are the perfect way to give yourself a big head-start along the way. Good luck.

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